Effective June 1, 2020 - Temperatures will be taken before entry is allowed in building
Masks will be required to enter the building

CIVIL COURT - Please contact the Judge's clerk to see if you must appear for your hearing.  

Walk-in Probate is temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. 

Routine Probate such as opening/closing probate matters and routine motions and
orders may be done through eFiling. 

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If you are required, or wish to appear in court for your ticket, you should carefully check the bottom of the ticket for the date, time and location you are scheduled to appear. If you cannot read the date and/or time, please check our online court records  or call the Traffic Division at (815) 434-8271 to confirm when and where you are scheduled. When you arrive at the Criminal Justice Center, find your name on the electronic court call boards to check your courtroom assignment. Once you find your name, your scheduled courtroom will be listed next to it.
You should arrive on time for court and have a seat in the courtroom. The State's Attorney's Office will come in and give you instructions.  Per Illinois Supreme Court Rule 555, your driver's license or bond card will NOT be returned to you until your fines and fees are paid in full.