Effective June 1, 2020 - Temperatures will be taken before entry is allowed in building
Masks will be required to enter the building

CIVIL COURT - Please contact the Judge's clerk to see if you must appear for your hearing.  

Walk-in Probate is temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. 

Routine Probate such as opening/closing probate matters and routine motions/orders may be done through eFiling.

Upcoming Court Holidays:
Tuesday, November 3 (Election Day)
Wednesday, November 11 (Veteran's Day)
November 26/27 (Thanksgiving Holiday)

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Important Phone Numbers

815-434-8271     Bond Refunds

815-433-0774     Child Support

815-433-2161     Courthouse Security (Sheriff's Department)

815-434-8671     Evictions

815-434-8671     Family Division

815-434-8271     Fines & Fees

815-434-8293     Jury Duty / Service

815-434-8204     Marriage License

815-434-0736     Probation

815-434-8267     Public Defender

815-434-8671     Small Claims

815-434-8340     State's Attorney

815-434-8271     Traffic Ticket Information