Tips for Preparing and Participating in a Virtual Court Proceeding

The Judges at the Downtown Courthouse in LaSalle County have chosen to use Zoom for remote court appearances. The following steps will guide you to participating in a Zoom meeting.

Participating in the Zoom Virtual Courtroom:

  • Parties must sign up for a free account from Zoom Web Conferencing
  • You will join the virtual courtroom at the scheduled time by clicking on the judge’s corresponding link below.
    • It is your responsibility to keep your contact information current with the Circuit Clerk’s office during the pendency of your case.
    • If you have an attorney, it is your responsibility to contact your attorney to determine whether you should be present on the Zoom Meeting at the designated time.
    • All parties must be logged into the Meeting on time.
  • When you enter the virtual courtroom, your video will automatically be on and your audio muted until the hearing begins.


  • If you do not have access to a smart phone, or other electronic device that would allow you to participate by video, you may participate by phone by dialing the local number provided in the Zoom link.

Please review your judge’s rules related to participation in the Zoom court appearance.

Please be advised you may be placed on hold for a period of time as the Judge concludes other matters that are before yours.


  • Parties must have enough battery power for the entire hearing and have a charger readily available.
  • Parties must have enough data and/or Wi-Fi.
  • Parties must be in a quiet area with minimal background noise.
  • It is a good idea to practice before you attend the virtual court appearance.

Here is the list of Meeting ID’s and a link to YouTube:

Special Hearings - Judge Belt   April 5, 2021 @ 10:00am  2020-MR-390

  • Livestream:   No link provided.  Hearing is scheduled to be go-to meeting
  • Phone Number:  
  • Access Code:  

Special Hearings - Judge Raccuglia   April 19, 2021 @ 10:00am  2021-CM-000145

  • Zoom Direct Link:   Click Here
  • Zoom Meeting ID:  999 6596 4780
  • Password:  +Bb0vPeN9
  • Call-in (Audio Only): 13126266799
    • Meeting ID: 999 6596 4780

Courtroom 204 -  Judge Cantlin 

    • Zoom Direct Link: Click Here
    • Zoom Meeting ID: 933 0646 1409
    • Password: CD!8M#dG4
    • Call-in (Audio Only): Click Here
    • Livestream

Courtroom 300 - Judge Hettel

  • Zoom Direct Link: Click Here
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 923 7786 9776
  • Password: H!kVpj6AC
  • Call-in (Audio Only):  Click Here
  • Livestream

Courtroom 305 - Judge Holland

  • Zoom Direct Link: Click Here
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 959 3952 9234
  • Password: E!Rev8WsU
  • Call-in (Audio Only):  Click Here
  • Livestream: 

Courtroom 407 - Judge Vescogni             Courtroom Rules

  • Zoom Direct Link: Click Here
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 985 8273 1970 
  • Password: %NUnT=6Rj
  • Call-in (Audio Only):  Click Here
  • Livestream:  

Courtroom 410 - Judge Eiten                  Courtroom Rules

  • Zoom Direct Link: Click Here
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 926 5711 3256
  • Password: 462027
  • Call-in (Audio Only):  Click Here
  • Livestream