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Portable Electronic Device Policy Update

Upcoming Court Holidays:
September 2nd (Labor Day)
October 14th (Columbus Day obsvd.)



The Circuit Clerk's office is NOT allowed to delay the court date given to you by the police officer. We do NOT accept phone calls or letters requesting that court dates be changed because a Defendant is unable to appear on their scheduled date. You have three options available to you if you cannot appear on the date scheduled on your ticket.

• If you wish to appear in Traffic Court prior to your court date, you must file a Motion to Advance at least 3 business days prior to your original court date by using this formYou MUST set this motion for 10:00AM on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday ONLY.

• If you are eligible to pay your ticket without appearing in court, pay your ticket BEFORE your scheduled court appearance date. See the  PAYING YOUR TRAFFIC TICKET WITHOUT A COURT APPEARANCE  section for instructions.  

• As a last resort, call the Traffic Division at (815) 434-8271 at least one day after your court date to find out what happened to your case in court. At that time, we will give you your available options based on what happened on your court date.


You should be warned that failure to appear can subject you to arrest, summons, bond forfeiture, suspension of driving privileges and/or additional costs.