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December 25, 2018 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY
January 1, 2019 NEW YEAR'S HOLIDAY

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  • File with an EFSP
    • Log into your EFSP of choice
      • If filing into an existing case, search for your case number and choose the option to submit a SUBSEQUENT FILING
      • If filing a New Case there will be a button to file a new case
    • The FILINGS section will be where you need to attach the documents you scanned.
      • CHOOSE THE TYPE OF DOCUMENT YOU ARE FILING (i.e.: appearance, certificate of completion, motion)
        • NOTE: in some cases the standard setting for filing is to EFILE AND SERVE which will require you to put in service contacts.  If you do not need to serve the documents, you can change the box next to the type of document you are filing to EFILE only.
      • CLICK THE BUTTON TO UPLOAD YOUR SCANNED DOCUMENTS.  A standard windows browse box should open up and you can get to your files by clicking:
        • Desktop
          • Found in the left window of the box under “Favorites”
        • Scanned Documents
          • Found in the right window of the box
      • CLICK OPEN to attach the document
    • Follow steps through to SUBMIT your filing
    • If you have any questions about how to navigate the filing, we have provided a list of contact numbers for the vendors at this station.

NOTE: You will be emailed a file stamped copy of your document if accepted or a rejection with notes on how to fix the filing.

DISCLAIMER: The use of this computer is provided as a service for Electronic Filers in LaSalle County, Illinois.  Reasonable measures have been taken to protect your security and privacy, but the County is not liable for any breach of security resulting here or with any of the 3rd party sites referenced.  Please make sure to log out of any websites that you use before walking away from this computer.