Mandatory Mediation

Effective March 1, 2014 LaSalle County has implemented a Mandatory Mediation Program for all residential mortgage foreclosure cases.

The foreclosure mediation program is designed to alleviate the burden of costs and expenses to lenders, borrowers and taxpayers caused by Residential Mortgage Foreclosures.  It is further designed to aid in the administration of justice by reducing the backlog of court cases.  It is also aimed at keeping families in their homes to prevent vacant and abandoned houses that negatively affect property values and destabilize neighborhoods.

From the effective date of the Rule (March 1, 2014), the parties in all residential foreclosures (as defined by the Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Act 735 ILCS 15/1501 et seq.) and Supreme Court Rule 99.1 will be subject to mediation as set forth herein.  Mediation cases are normally heard on the 1st Friday of every month (excluding months where a holiday falls on the 1st Friday) at 1:00pm in Room 203, Downtown Courthouse, Ottawa.


Administrative Order #14-5

 Circuit Court Rules

Mediation Summons

Notice of Mandatory Mediation

Residential Foreclosure Mediation Questionnaire


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